iStir HP550 prime
Hotplate stirrers

Powerful motor for constant speed delivery under varying load
Temperature range from ambient to 550 ° C
Speed setting from 200 to 2200 RPM
Max loading Capacity of 20 litres
Highly resistant inert body, even to strong chemicals
Chemical resistant nano crystal glass ceramic top plate
Safe temperature circuit cut up to 575 C for greater reliability
Small footprint for saving valueable bench space
Pulse mode Clockwise-Counter Clockwise interchange
Highly temperature stable & chemically inert composite fibre body
Auto start power intermittent mode
Hot surface warning & Error indication features
Standard Accessories included:
1 high strength Magnetic Stir Bar (25 x 8 mm)

OEM request can be entertained. Specifications can be changed without notice for quality improvement.
iStir HP 550 Prime
Product Name Cat # Details
iStir HP 550 Prime (220 V) HS20-1012 EU/UK/AU Hot Plate Magnetic Stirrer - 220V, Max Temp 550°C

Part Name Cat # Details
PT 1000 Probe HS-T1 Temperature sensing probe for HP 550 / HP350
Stir Bar HS-S1 Stand and Boss Head for HP 550 / HP 350
Stand with boss head HS-B1 Stir Bar

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