Neuation Technologies based in Gandhinagar, Gujarat has been making and exporting world class Laboratory equipment across the globe. The R & D team at Neuation, which prides itself on it’s Product Design and Development abilities honed by experience of making over 100 products all by themselves – had to put their skills to test in these testing time. The challenge – build an Emergency Ventilator (Programmable Manual Resuscitator) which can be mass manufactured at low cost and quickly deployed at Healthcare facilities across the country on a war footing. 

Lead by their Technical Director, Mr. Ravi Shankar the team managed to design & build a field test worthy prototype in under 2 weeks. The team started-off with studying open source material on Ventilators to develop necessary know how & came up with its unique design best suited to address the fast evolving emergency situation in India for more Ventilators. Despite delays due to lockdown, the team managed to complete the Design & functional prototypes were built in a short time. Now, the field testing prototype is ready & needs to be tested for approvals.

Neuation team has laid special emphasis that the Design meet following important criteria:

  • Is a low cost device
  • Locally sourced components (India)
  • Easy to mass produce (scalable upto 1000 units a week)
  • Singe unit (is small & Portable)
  • Less complicated fail safe design
  • Can be used in field (with option for Battery based emergency operation as well)
  • Easy to operate (train people to use)

The special (Emergency ventilator) Programmable Manual Resuscitators designed by Neuation is a novel design for which we have applied for patent as well – there are 2 different units a single unit (hand/help portable small size with integrated handle) and the other is easy to deploy unit serving upto 4 patients at once. These can serve as essential Life Saving units in areas where conventional ventilators cannot service like Field hospitals, rural areas sans infrastructure etc. where it can be run though Car batteries.

This is a tailor-made design to cater to the war-like situation currently existing. Its Design specifications were kept to an optimal level where its manufacturing can be done in a very large volume in a very short period of time. It uses common industrial manufacturing methodologies that are very easily available and scaled. Completely uses Indian mass-produced components so that there is no shortage of components when manufactured in a large scale. The working and user interface has been kept deliberately simple so that the medical personnel can easily understand operate. The design is centered around the user and the patient safety has been given paramount importance.

Neuation is already working on connecting with suppliers for components needed for mass production. As soon as approval is received Neuation is geared up to start mass production for the same.
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