iFuge C4000 NXT
Equipped with Brushless DC motor

Equipped with Brushless DC motor
for maintenance free long life

Enlarged interior space

Enlarged interior space
for better cooling of the chamber

Motorized latch

Motorized latch
with more strength and reliability

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Experience the perfect solution for clinical centrifugation of Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) and Platelet-Rich Fibrin (PRF) applications with the C4000 NXT. This innovative centrifuge utilizes horizontal centrifugation, delivering higher yields of platelets and leukocytes compared to conventional fixed-angle models. Its compact design is further enhanced with advanced safety features, including a motorized latch, imbalance detection, and a secure lid-lock mechanism. The C4000 NXT ensures efficient and secure processing while maximizing platelet and leukocyte recovery. Elevate your clinical procedures with the cutting-edge capabilities of the C4000 NXT and unlock new possibilities in PRP and PRF centrifugation.
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  • Unique 6 Tube Rotor Design 6 – Allows Use Of 10ML Tubes Swing In A Smaller Compact Unit
  • Timer Setting From 1 To 999 Mins & infinite
  • Microprocessor Controlled For Efficient Performance Even Under High Loads.
  • Digital Display With Speed & Time Setting
  • Lid Lock Safety Feature – Lid Opens Automatically On Run Completion
  • Variable Speed Selection From 500 To 4000 RPM (In Steps Of 10 RPM)
  • Imbalance Detection Feature With Auto- Cut Off Safety
  • One Touch RPM / RCF Conversion & Short Spin Operation Option On Keypad
  • Favorite Mode: Allows User To Set Upto 99 User Defined Programs
  • Smart Airflow Design Ensures Chamber Temperature Rise Is Under Control
  • Low Loading Height For Ease Of Operation.
  • Safe Low Voltage Device
  • Centrally placed latch lock for effortless closure
Specifications  C4000 NXT
Dimension (W x D x H) 381 x 480 x 185 (mm)
Weight of Equipment 8.2 kg (without rotor)
Permissible Temp. 5-40*C
Humidity <80%
Altitude Use upto an altitude of 2000 m above MSL
Pollution Degree  2
Environment For indoor use only
Noise Level ≤65 dB
Power Adaptor Details Input: 100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Output: 24V 5A
Power Consumption 90 W


Rotor Specification  6 Tubes Rotor 8 Tubes Rotor 16 Tubes Rotor
Rotor 6 x 10ml
Swing Rotor
8 x 15ml
Fix angle Rotor
16 x 10ml
Fix angle Rotor
Maximum Capacity 6 x 2ml,
6 x 3ml,
6 x 4ml6 x 10ml,
6 x 9ml,
6 x 6ml
8 x 15ml
Conical tube
16 x 10ml
Gel tube
Nominal RCF 1840 g  | 2270 g 1950 g 2180 g
Acceleration Time 45 second 45 second 45 second
Deceleration Time 40 second 70 second 70 second
Power 90 W 24 W 35 W
Current Consumption 3.7 A 1.01 A 1.45 A
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C4000 NXT
Product Name Cat # Details
iFuge C4000NXT C4000NXT-EU/UK/US/AUs Clinical Centrifuge 4000 RPM


Part Name Cat # Details
6 Slot Rotor C01-RS06 6 x 10 ml Swing Out Rotor 2270 x g
8 Slot Rotor C01-RA08 8 x 15 mlFixed Angle Rotor 1950 x g
16 Slot Rotor C01-RA16 16 x 10 ml Fixed Angle Rotor 2180 x g
Swing rotor tube holder
(10 ml) Adaptors
C01-SH10 Tube holder for 10ml Tube for Swing rotor (1 unit) x Quantity
Sleeve for 6 ml tube C01-SL6 Sleeve for using 6 ml tube in SH10 (1 unit) x Quantity
Swing rotor tube
holder (3/4 ml)
Adaptors for 3 / 4 ml
C01-SH3 Tube holder for 3/4ml Tube for Swing rotor (1 unit) x Quantity
Power Adaptor CL01-PA-EU/UK/US/AU Power Adaptor with specific pin type
Power Cable C-EU/UK/US/AU Only Power cable with specific Pin type
Allen Key C01-C Allen key For Rotor fitment


iFuge C4000 NXT

C4000 NXT

Fixed Angle 8 x 15ml | 1950 x g

C4000 NXT

Fixed Angle 16 x 10ml | 2180 x g

C4000 NXT

Swing out rotor 6 x 10 ml | 2270 x g

C4000 NXT
C4000 NXT
C4000 NXT
C4000 NXT
C4000 NXT



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